Discover Your Soul’s Voice through
Yoga and Guided Journaling
with Jamie Goldberg
Saturday, June 24; 2:30-4:45pm

Students have the opportunity to explore and express themselves creatively through the healing, creative and transformative practice of journaling. Guided journaling exercises will assist the writer to see themselves in a more transparent and profound way, tapping into and hearing the “voice” of their soul. The workshop will begin with sharing a soul-filled yoga practice, allowing us to dive deeper within our bodies, minds and spirits in preparation for the session of guided journaling.

The class is structured around examining questions that elicit self-reflection and heightened insight into our inner selves. After each writing exercise we will have the opportunity to explore and share our feelings or glimpses of wisdom that may arise during the exercises. Together we will create a safe and nourishing sharing circle where we can joyfully shed our masks and show up as our true selves.


**Writing experience is not necessary. Please bring a yoga mat, paper and pen.