Yoga for Osteoporosis: Strong Bones for Graceful Living
 Taught by Yoga for Osteoporosis Certified Instructor, Elizabeth Yates

Saturday, January 27; 2:00-5:00 and Sunday, January 28; 1:00-4:00

$80 class size is limited, register early
Osteoporosis BREAKS bones!  STOP bone thinning before it’s too late! 1 in 2 Women and 1 in 4 men over age 50 will break a bone due to osteoporosis…
Learn a safe and effective yoga practice that can halt the loss of bone density and even reverse it when done by practicing Dr. Loren Fishman, proven program.
Osteoporosis, or porous bone, is a disease characterized by low bone mass and structural deterioration of bone tissue.  It is often called a silent disease because one can’t feel bones weakening.