Join us on Valentine’s Evening February 14th, 7:30-9pm
for a Very Special Donation Class!

“Into the Heart of Yoga”
Meditation, Mantra, Somatics, Restorative & Yoga Nidra
with Marti Yura

with a Sound Bath with Rebecca Carner

Rumi: “ Our task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.”

“The physical heart is our strongest muscle; it also functions as the core of our feeling dimension. Like any muscle, the heart grows stronger with use. By creating a feeling connection between our heart and our voice, thought, touch, sight and hearing, we instantly access the safest, most accessible method for opening the heart. We create this feeling connection by allowing awareness to penetrate the heart. The moment this connection occurs we contact the love of our Higher Self; we transcend fear, sorrow, and anger; and we heal ourselves and others.” – Dan Millman, No Ordinary Moments
Join us for this special Heart centered Valentines❤️ Evening donation class!
With a focus on:
• mantras that awaken the heart-mind connection and set new loving intentions
• slow, gentle movements and supported postures with breath that allow us to feel, release and open our hearts
• Yoga Nidra to relax, restore and connect to the source of love 💕

*Of course chocolate will be served!
**All Proceeds Will Be Donated to PAWS Atlanta