Advanced Study Schedule

You may register for the whole curriculum or individual workshops.

  • Practice – Chant – Study: Yoga Practice and Philosophy Immersion
    with Linda Spackman.  Friday-Sunday, February 22-24
  • Experiential Anatomy – Mandatory for 300 Hour
    March  29 – 31 with Marti Yura and Patty Schmidt
  • Yoga on the Wall Training – Elective
    TBA with Marti Yura
  • Yoga for Women’s Health – Elective
    May 12-13 with Patty Schmidt
  • Yoga for Graceful Aging and Osteoporosis – Elective
    June 28-30 with Elizabeth Yates
  • Energetics of Asana/Pranayama Immersion – Mandatory for 300 Hour
    July 26-28 with Marti Yura and Caroline Dunham
  • Hands on Adjustments and Body Reading  Mandatory for 300 Hour
    August 16-18 with 
    Marti Yura and Lorien Neargarder
  • Ayurveda Immersion – Mandatory for 300 Hour
    September TBD with 
    Leisa McDonald
  • Sequencing and Transitions – Elective
    October 18-20 with 
    Theresa Murphy and Marti Yura
  • Yin/Restorative Immersion – Mandatory for 300 Hour
    November 15-17
    with Patty Schmidt, Marti Yura, Caroline Dunham
  • Yoga Symbolism and Chanting – Elective
    December TBD with Ian Boccio
  • Developing and Sustaining a Personal Practice  Mandatory for 300 Hour
    January 2020 TBD with
     Marti Yura and Caroline Dunham
  • Yoga for Cancer Certification – Elective
    February/March 2020 TBD with
    Lorien Neargarder
  • Taking the Seat of the Teacher – Mandatory for 300 Hour
    February/March 2020 with
     Marti and Marty Yura
  • How to Design and Deliver Workshops/ Retreats – Elective
    April 2020 TBD with
     Marti Yura and Patty Schmidt
  • Yoga on the Chair TBD