Ayurveda for Fall – A Culinary Workshop
with Jaya Ramamurthy
Saturday, September 7th, 3:00-6:00pm | $55

Ayurveda’s Six Taste Food Theory will blow your mind – guaranteed! Instead of focusing on the foods themselves, Ayurveda turns inwards and attempts to understand the person eating the food and the role the tastes play in our metabolism! This radical approach has profound implications for how we nourish ourselves, as we grow older, or during the year as we cycle through seasons.

Come explore the Six taste theory in an experiential way – we will cook a meal built around the six tastes and understand how to prepare fall and winter foods that are harmonious with the season. Enjoy making the appropriate Ayurvedic spice blend to take-away and cook with at home, in addition to all the recipes and resources. And of course what could be better than enjoying this meal with a like-minded community of people gathered around the table!

Jaya Ramamurthy is an alum of the California College of Ayurveda, having completed the clinical program in 2009. She offers one-one Ayurveda counseling and workshops from Roswell, GA. Food is her first love and Jaya’s practice is centered around helping her clients understand their Ayurvedic natural constitution and put practices into place to bring and keep them in balance.