Friday and Saturday, April 24 &25


Kirtan Concert with Girish
Friday, April 24, 7:30pm

Girish, an accomplished musician of many genres, former monk infused in spiritual practice, loving wordsmith linking lyrics and rhythm in a blissful musical event, sings traditional Sanskrit mantras with a modern, funky, yet deeply devotional twist. Accompanied by his amazing band, Girish invites kirtan participants to sing along, chant responses, and to dance!  Girish has been recommended by “The Guardian,” “O, The Oprah Magazine,” “Yoga Journal,” “Spirituality and Health Magazine,” and more.  Girish’s original music catalog of five albums is popular in yoga studios and music festivals all over the world, and his book, “Music and Mantras” (Simon & Schuster) continues his work to teach the art of meditation through music, to the world.

The incredible Ian Boccio and Stan Holt will be performing with Girish. 


Chant Workshop with Girish
Saturday, April 25, 2-4pm

 Sharing his own experience as a musician, yogi, and former Hindu monk, Girish offers tools and practices to find and express your true voice through chanting and mindful singing in this interactive and inspiring workshop. Girish’s chanting immersion is for anyone seeking to bring the bliss of Sanskrit chanting into daily life, to deepen an existing chanting practice, or simply to discover and express your true voice.  No previous experience necessary! We’ll explore several of the most powerful Sanskrit mantras, discover what 21st Century neuroscience reveals about this ancient yogic practice, and learn new and inspiring ways to support and open our singing voice. Girish’s chant workshop is an integral part of hundreds of yoga teacher training programs all over the world and is appropriate for all levels of yogis. 

About Girish

Girish is an internationally touring world music artist, teacher, and author. He began his music career as a jazz drummer, spent five years as a monk in a Hindu monastery, returned to music as a session tabla player on more than 100 world music albums, and for the past 12 years has written, recorded, and performed his own original music and taught Sanskrit mantras and chanting in music festivals and yoga studios all over the world. His six albums have received critical acclaim from O, The Oprah Magazine, Yoga Journal, and The Guardian, among others. Girish’s book, “Music and Mantras” continues Girish’s mission to share the art of meditation through music and mantra with the world.

In Girish’s kirtan concerts he is accompanied by his amazing band, and he invites his audience to participate by singing along, call and response chanting, and dancing. He sings traditional Sanskrit mantras with a modern, funky, yet deeply devotional twist.