Living the Enneagram: Applying the Enneagram in an Awakened Life
with Mitch Cohen
Sunday, February 23, 2:30-5:30pm
$35 in Advance, $40 Day of Event
In this interactive workshop, dive deep into your Enneagram Type as a spiritual and personal growth journey. Learn how to get back to your lost contact with your Spiritual Essence and True Nature

Participants will:

  • Explore your predominant Enneagram Type from the RHETI Assessment report
  • Identify the ego fixation and challenging behaviors for your Type used to avoid suffering from lost Essence and True Nature
  • Discover virtuous, supportive and growth behaviors for your Type
  • Develop and take away a plan for growing and living an awakened and fulfilling personal, relational, professional and Spiritual life

PRE-WORK is required:
Each participant will have to go online before the class at and take the $12, 144-question RHETI assessment (as they are in the world on the weekend, NOT at work). They would bring the report to the class


A Certified Life Coach, Rabbi, Interspiritual-Spiritual Director and Enneagram Certified Professional, Mitch supports anyone on their individual personal spiritual journey, regardless of their beliefs or past observance of faith tradition. He uses the Enneagram in his work with people in secular and spiritual life.