Myo-fascial Release Workshop
Thursdays: October 17th and 24th, 7-9pm
with Marti Yura
“We are blessed to live in a liquid medium, a rhythm whose pulse animates our being.” ~ Tias Little | Meditations on a Dewdrop


Every cell in the body is held in a net of connective tissue referred to as the myo-fascial system. You could say “we are one big muscle with a variety of sleeves.” The fascial system is an information highway, delivering messages throughout the body through this liquid medium.

When properly hydrated, this fascial system allows bodily tissues to glide and slide with ease. With chronic or repetitive movement, injury, environmental shifts and with age, the body can become dehydrated, setting in patterns of strain and reduction of movement and pain.

Join Marti for an exploration of the fascial system and it’s relationship to the subtle body — the flow of prana through nadis.
We’ll use therapeutic rolling techniques, subtle somatic (SATYA) movements , conscious breathing and long slow help postures, to build awareness and release patterns of strain.

SATYA, is a style of somatic training, known as Sensory Awareness Training for Yoga Attunement. All the SATYA and yoga forms help irrigate blood and lymph throughout the body, helping to keep our muscles and skin subtle

*Suitable for all levels. No experience required. Wear comfortable clothing.

**Please bring a foam roller or email me to purchase $32

$35 per session, $55 for both

Marti Yura

Marti’s journey has come full circle, from her first fitness studio in Charleston, SC in 1982, to the “birth” of Vista Yoga in Atlanta. Since 1979 her passion for physical and spiritual well-being has led her from teaching various forms of fitness, including personal training, to her discovery of Yoga in 1998.

Both dynamic and therapeutic, Marti’s classes are infused with a thorough understanding of the body, ancient wisdom, her nurturing spirit and a touch of humor.

She is a 500-hour ERYT (Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher) with Yoga Alliance. After studying with a wide variety of Yoga teachers, she has been studying extensively with Tias and Surya Little, of Prajna Yoga in Santa Fe, New Mexico, since 2008, achieving her 500-hour certification with them.

She is also trained in Thai Yoga Massage therapy.