Qigong, Deep Relaxation, and Dreamwork Retreat
with Nick Atlas, PhD
Saturday, November 2nd; 10am-5pm

Cost: $150

Join us for a full day of gentle, flowing movement, breath and voice work, meditation, and deep relaxation (Yoga Nidra) with visiting teacher, Dr. Nick Atlas. Qigong means “energy work” and is a Taoist approach to increasing vitality, expelling stress, restoring balance, and healing the mind/body/spirit connection. This special retreat will weave together the essentials of Yogic, Buddhist and Taoist philosophy, Transpersonal Psychology, and many years of experiential wisdom. Participants will learn simple, practical exercises to do at home and share with others. No experience or fitness level is necessary, though dedicated yoga practitioners will greatly benefit from this related approach. Please wear comfortable clothing for movement and stillness, and bring an eye pillow if you have one.

Nick Atlas, PhD, is the Director of Evolutionary Education® and author of The Light Travelers. An adjunct professor of Transpersonal Psychology at Atlantic University and pioneering lucid dream researcher, he has been practicing and teaching various forms of yoga, qigong, meditation, healing, and expressive arts since 1998. Learn more @ evolutionaryeducation.org.