Soulful Breathwork & Sacred Sound Bath
Saturday, September 14th from 2-4
with Plamen and Denise Foster

Plenty of space here to relax and unwind, as Plamen Russev gently guides you through a Soulful Breathwork experience that heals the body, calms the mind, and nourishes the soul. A single session of breathwork can change your life, creating immediate and permanent results.

Soulful Breathwork is a safe and effective way to heal past trauma by releasing old pain, grief, anger, fear, or other unexpressed emotions. It can also transform the present by helping to relieve stress, harmonize emotions and increase vitality. We’ll call upon the power of our joint intention, authentic presence and Soulful Breathwork to activate deep healing and transformation for each one of us and our planet. Great for stress or anxiety relief, peace of mind, mental clarity, emotional healing, self-development, or spiritual connection.
Throughout the breathwork session, Denise Foster will enhance your experience as she walks the room with various instruments while using Reiki to clear your aura.

The Breathwork flows into a “Sacred Sound Bath Concert,” led by Denise Foster – a Reiki Master/Teacher with over 20 years of experience. She specializes in Chakra Balance Crystal Healing sessions that incorporate Sound Healing. Her healing energy is amplified while playing the bowls allowing her to clear the space for a truly transcendent experience. She will play the Crystal Singing Bowls with Wave Drum, Mystic Chimes, Rain Stick, Tuning Forks, Bells, and Tongue Drum to release dense and stressful energies.

Tune into your inner self as gentle vibrations wash over you and harmonious sounds reduce your brain wave activity. Sacred Sound is also known for relaxation, pain removal, and self-awareness. You may find your chakras are bought into balance, while your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies are aligned.

$25 – Prepaid; $30 – At the Door