“Focus on Breathing”
Sundays, June 14, 21, 28; 1:30-2:45pm
Livestream (Online Only)

In this series we will work on breath – the Feldenkrais way! 

Breathing is so essential to us that we possess different, interconnected mechanisms in the body to allow us to breathe at all times, in all orientations. Dr Feldenkrais believed there is no one right way to breathe – it depends on the situation and the orientation of the body along with the activity involved.

Together with the beating of the heart, breathing is one of the 2 continuous rhythms that sustain life. Part of the fascination with breath is that is it something that we do as well as something that happens to us. Whether we are awake or asleep, the lower centers of the brain ensure that we keep breathing. Yet, unlike with the heartbeat, we can take voluntary control of the breath as we do in speaking, singing or indeed, doing breathing exercises.

Breathing is also key in understanding emptions – in ourselves as well as in others. Every emotion has its own breath pattern associated with it and is expressed through a different quality of breathing. In addition the act of breathing is deeply intertwined with our musculoskeletal system. As our ancestors emerged from the seas onto land, the mechanisms for absorbing oxygen evolved together with the act of locomotion on the ground. As a result of this interdependence, chronic tension and posture problems interfere with our ability to breathe freely and conversely, faulty breathing patterns affect our movement. In this series of lessons we will continue our exploration of the various components and mechanisms of breath, using simple yet unusual movements to break down bad habits and restore spontaneous, smooth breathing.


The lessons are for beginners as well as students experienced with the Feldenkrais Method and are easy to do and often result in profound changes and insights or how we move and are in the world.


Venue: Once Registered you will receive a Zoom Cloud Meetings Link 30 minutes before class.

Price: $70 for the series of 3 lessons, $25 per class for Drop in

Ravi Prabhakar

Ravi is a Guild Certified Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement Practitioner. He graduated as an Aeronautical Engineer and followed it with a Masters’ Degree in Business Administration. He has lived and worked in 7 countries in the past 18 years and currently resides in Decatur with his family. He finds endless joy and amazement in learning about the human body and uncovering its potential. Much like Feldenkrais himself, a nagging knee injury led Ravi to look for ways to improve his condition. After trying several forms of therapy, from the conventional to the esoteric, Ravi discovered the Feldenkrais Method, which he feels has been the most effective in addressing the root cause of the pain – an inability to sense oneself. Teaching Awareness Through Movement lessons is his way to explore the work of Moshe Feldenkrais.