Unifying Light
A Summer Solstice Biofield Tuning Event
with Rebecca Carner
Saturday June 20, 7:00-8:30pm


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Because space is very limited to insure social distancing everyone will need to preregister for the event.

The nature of light is that it is indivisible. If you interrupt the circuit of electric light it goes out. If you separate natural light from it’s source, it become shadow. The Summer Solstice is by definition the day when the Earth is in fullest tilt toward the sun, therefore bathing our hemisphere in the most hours of daylight. As an extension and expansion of the energy of this celestial event, we will be joining in sangha to connect to and collectively fortify our inner, indivisible light.

While the concept of the human body being biomechanical and/or chemical is very common, our electrical nature is often overlooked. Yet the charge that beats our heart, that fires our digestion and that sparks our thoughts is undeniably electric. The method of Biofield Tuning applies frequencies, in the form of Tuning Forks, to our electromagnetic field. Join me live-stream or (limited) in-person as we attune and recharge.

Note – Biofield Tuning events are not appropriate during pregnancy.

Price $20


Rebecca Carner is a frequency tuning specialist with a professional background in holistic life coaching, corporate coaching, personal organization, and business management. Rebecca is passionate about weaving together the innate artistry of wellness with her strong intuitive perception and deep listening in order to create spaces where her clients can heal and discover their most optimal inner and outer well-being.

Rebecca is an ICF-accredited Holistic Life Coach, a certified Vibrational Bowl Practitioner, Reiki Level I & II practitioner, a level 1 Biofield Tuning practitioner, and holds a BA in fine art. In 2015, after decades of working with private clients and corporate coaching, Rebecca launched her own life coaching and sound healing practice. Through this medium, Rebecca is able to draw on her wide-ranging experience to offer individual, whole-life, mind/body/spirit support for clients on a one-to-one basis. Rebecca’s down-to-earth knack for seeing through to the heart of what’s really going on enables her to draw on multiple unique vibrational healing methods to tailor every session to the specific needs of her clients.

Rebecca is an entrepreneur, an artist, and a life-long learner. She lives with her three wonderful sons in Atlanta, GA.