Graceful Aging

Graceful Aging
Yoga over 55 for Strength, Balance, and Poise
with Elizabeth Yates
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12 Hours can be used for Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Hours and as elective hours in the Vista Yoga 300-Hour Yoga Teacher Training Program

In this workshop we’ll explore the considerations presented by our bodies as we age including but not limited to osteoarthritis, osteoporosis, hyperkyphosis, range of motion limitation and joint replacement. We will learn and practice yoga asanas adapted for common limitations, and concerns presented by the senior population.

We will experience:

A sequence of movements designed to move all the joints through their full ranges of motions and identify movements that may be impaired.
Asanas proven to reduce and prevent Osteoporosis with a specific method of executing these asanas.
Chair adaptations for many classical yoga poses
Languaging for seniors

Participants will acquire concrete yogic tools for teaching senior populations and will practice cueing a short sequence or pose for seniors. Participants (who are certified yoga teachers with a minimum of 2 years experience) will be given the opportunity to practice teach a pose or segment to a real live senior class with participant’s ages ranging from 60-94. Other participants who do not meet this criteria will have the opportunity to observe one of these classes.

Upon completion of this course you will understand common issues associated with many aging bodies, especially those who have not had a regular yoga practice during their youth or middle age. We will learn and practice multiple adaptations for a minimum of 12 classical yoga poses for this population. Students will be able to specifically describe and display asanas modified for senior practitioners. Students will feel more comfortable with their knowledge of common conditions exhibited by older adults and will be more confident in their ability to address the concerns of this population in a yoga class setting.

12 Hours can be used for Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Hours and as a part of the Vista Yoga 300-Hour Yoga Teacher Training Program