Welcome to the Shanti Kitchen

Our intention is to create a beautiful space to learn, explore and experiment through the medium of food.

From participation in our classes you will:

  • Learn health benefits of the foods as you hone your cooking skills
  • Explore new tastes and ingredients as we experiment with various recipes

We strive to cook seasonally and connect the participants with the organic link of “ Mind, Body, and Spirit” through food.

As we gather together we are not only cooking, but building relationships and community as we cultivate a healthier lifestyle.

Events in the Kitchen

Ayurveda for Fall

A Culinary Workshop with Jaya Ramamurthy
Saturday, September 7th, 3:00-6:00pm | $55

Ayurveda’s Six Taste Food Theory will blow your mind – guaranteed! Instead of focusing on the foods themselves, Ayurveda turns inwards and attempts to understand the person eating the food and the role the tastes play in our metabolism! This radical approach has profound implications for how we nourish ourselves, as we grow older, or during the year as we cycle through seasons.