January Teacher Spotlight – Theresa and Sheila

January Teacher Spotlight

Theresa Barnett & Shiela White


has created her own unique approach to teaching yoga that integrates physical movement of the body with a deep spiritual and meditative practice.

Experience Theresa’s Gentle Basics Classes: Tuesday and Thursday from 8:30am-9:45am.

In Gentle Basics, gently and safely build your practice and deepen your experience of the fundamentals of Yoga.


practice and teaching both are based in alignment and breath, using these techniques to achieve optimum results and to ensure each student reaches their individual goal.

“Sharing this practice with my students means so much to me. For myself, the stillness that resonates within the practice reminds me of who I am here and now, both on and off the mat.”

Join Shiela’s Yin practice on Monday and Thursday nights from 7:30pm-8:45pm.

In Yin Yoga poses are held with support for a longer period of time to release held tension in connective tissue and joints.