April Teacher Spotlight – Ju-min

April Teacher Spotlight



hailing from Taiwan, began practicing yoga nineteen years ago when modern and westernized yoga had yet to truly permeate the yoga culture on the island. Therefore, her first teachers were teaching traditional style asanas infused with Chinese medical thought and theory.

In teaching, Ju-Min emphasizes unification of mind and body, and strives to inspire the student’s hearts. The fluidity of her classes allows students to move into deep breathing, thereby continuously circulating energy.

See Ju-min ~ Fridays at 8:15 am ~ for Core Yoga Mix a fitness-focused yoga style, blending classical yoga postures with other types of movement which emphasize core engagement. Build balance, strength, and mobility with stability balls, Pilates-based exercises, and mindful attention to alignment. This is a 1-hour class.

Core Yoga Mix is also offered 8:15am Wednesday morning with Kim Nelson!