June Student Spotlight – Roxana

June Student Spotlight


What led you to yoga?

Throughout my life I have always been physically active, however, as the years progressed I felt that I was missing a key component of my true self. The desire to cultivate that feeling was what brought me to yoga. The need to reconcile my spirit with my body.

What way has yoga changed your life that you are most grateful for/most amazed at?

Yoga has touched every fiber of my existence but the one I am most grateful  is the ability to be present, return to my breath and let the situation flow through me.

What is your favorite yoga pose?

Warrior 2. It encompasses all of my philosophy of being. Brushing on the past without  forgetting its lessons but with a strong and well grounded foot and eye  on the future.

How do you take yoga off the mat?

Yoga has restructured and repatterened my way of thinking in a positive way. For example, a while back I caught my self washing dishes and instead of focusing on the dreadful task, I began to pray and bless absolutely every person and element that came into touch with the plate I was washing. Yoga has made me realize the loving potential that every human has inside. It’s made me softer.

What is special about practicing at Vista?

Vista is truly my home. It is filled with great teachers that legitimately care about you personally. It’s not a place to only get your asana in but one to grow spiritually. It’s a big band of brothers and sisters that work together to make you realize the great potential that one has inside.

Thank you for being such a special part of our community Roxana!