July Student Spotlight – John

July Student Spotlight


What led you to yoga? 

Painful back, knees, continuing deterioration of strength and flexibility.  Pedaling a stationary bike at home wasn’t cutting it.  I tried an online yoga mini-course and was intrigued.  My wife and daughter had some experience with yoga and bought me a 20-pack for a gift.  After eight sessions or so I was hooked and converted to unlimited.  July is two years since I started at Vista.

What way has yoga changed your life that you are most grateful for/most amazed at? 

I can reach the shelf and light switch I installed in my carport 20 years ago that had raised themselves an inch or two in the interim.  I like the increased endurance I have in physical activity.

What has surprised me are the moments of non-busy-ness in my mind while concentrating on a pose and the clarity of thought yoga contributes to.    I came for the physical benefits and found much more.

Yoga is an activity where, for a little while, I’m there just for myself.

What is your favorite yoga pose?

I like the ones I’ve never done before but try anyway.   I enjoy the surprise if I’m able to do them.  Even if not, I’m glad I try – It’s a good metaphor for keeping open to possibilities in general.  If I had to choose one it would possibly be Warrior III although it’s a struggle and I’m not a poster boy for it.  The combination of balance, strength and concentration clears my mind out.  I also find it intriguing that it seems like one leg balances the torso and arms.

How do you take yoga off the mat? 

The benefits seem to naturally follow.  The concentration, mindfulness and physical strength, endurance and flexibility help both with my motorcycling and band activities.  Practicing being “comfortably uncomfortable” provides endurance and patience in tense personal and business situations.  Just breathe, ground down on my mat, and hold the “pose.”  The clarity of mind helps with work, writing and thinking.

What is special about practicing at Vista? 

The instructors all have something different to share.  They are sincere about my wellbeing.    The location is convenient for me.  There are many classes so it is easy to find ones that fit my schedule.  Having the men’s class was important getting started.   Classmates.