August Student Spotlight – Lisa

August Student Spotlight


What led you to yoga?
In my 20s I read Be Here Now by Ram Dass and I remember it all these years later.  I did not begin seriously learning and practicing yoga until I stopped working full time.

What way has yoga changed your life that you are most grateful for/most amazed at?
I feel much calmer and I feel as physically well as I ever have.

What is your favorite yoga pose?
I have 2 favorite poses (really more than 2).  I love every SATYA pose and half moon pose (Ardha Chandrasana).  I am amazed that the very simple and easy SATYA poses make me feel so good.  I feel strong and open and balanced when I do half moon pose.
How do you take yoga off the mat?
I try to react more patiently, calmly and deliberately.  I don’t let the ‘little things” bother me as much as I used to.