Kids Yoga with Gina

Kids Yoga with Gina
Ongoing Sundays, 3:00-4:00pm

No Class 9/1 or 10/6

We will dance, march, jog, shake, skip, and limbo while practicing traditional Yoga poses.
We will focus on:
Movements and postures geared at integrating mind and body
Breathing techniques to relieve stress and sharper focus
Mindfulness exercises aimed at improving attention

Come Experience what makes Kids Yoga om-azing!

$15 one child
$25 one child, one adult
$10 each additional child or adult

Meet Gina

“I was born in Atlanta and raised in Decatur, Georgia. I am married and have two beautiful daughters. My love for YOGA began when I started practicing in 2014.

“Coming from an educational background where I worked for fourteen years, I saw too clearly the daily challenges that children are faced with. There are high testing and academic expectations as well as social frustrations leaving their mark of stress. It became my goal to bring YOGA to children. I received my yoga teacher certification and continued my training to received my certification to teach children.

“I fully believe that sharing the benefits of YOGA with our children on their own level of understanding can reduce stress and anxiety. It gives them the tools needed to achieve inner peace so that they can be healthy and happy kids with a lot of love, kindness and compassion to share with others.”