Join Susan Mittleman for
The Art of Conscious Deep Relaxation
Sunday, June 28, 3:00-4:05pm | $20
Streaming Live on Zoom.Yoga Nidra may be just what you need to help calm your nervous system during these unprecedented times. Yoga Nidra, or Yoga Sleep, can bring you into a state of conscious, deep relaxation, opening doors of perception and inviting you to use your awareness to promote creativity and healing.

This practice is done lying down, or in a comfortable place, for anyone interested, no experience necessary.

This will be a live, guided meditation, taught from VistaYoga. There will be time in the beginning to ask questions and connect with community.

Please prepare by making sure you find a private, comfortable practice space for lying down, with blankets, mats, pillows etc. It is not recommended to do in bed as you do want to stay awake.

Once registered you will receive a Zoom link 30 minutes before class begins.